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Buy Vintage Kokeshi Dolls in Bulk! Wholesale from Japan

We Sell Lots of Authentic Vintage Kokeshi Dolls from JAPAN!

Hello, do you want to buy lots of Kokeshi dolls for your shop?
Are you looking for a reliable wholesaler of Japanese vintage Kokeshi dolls?

If so, welcome! You are in the right place!

We are The Sekai Kokeshi, a Japanese antique dealer with a legitimate license given by the Japanese Metropolitan Police.

We have hundreds of vintage Kokeshi doll stocks and will be happy to send you them from Japan. Order can be available from one doll.

How to start a deal?

Please contact us from the contact form, and tell us what you want.
ex) what kind of design, how many dolls you want etc.

We will check our current stocks and send you back the pictures and estimated price. Even if we do not meet your request right now, we can search for it in Japanese antique markets. Take us your Kokeshi agent in Japan!


PayPal or Payoneer is available. Choose the one you like, and we will send you an invoice. Your order will be shipped after cleared payment.


DHL or UPS is available. Our default method is DHL because it is cheaper. Please let us know if you prefer UPS.

Import duties

Please note that you may have to pay import duties and handling fees when receiving your parcel. Taxes like tariffs and VAT and any other fees regarding them are the buyer’s responsibility.

About us

You may feel uneasy about the transaction with an unknown Japanese dealer. Of course, that would be. We can understand how you feel.

Please check our eBay store first if you have worries about our business. You can see our dolls and reviews from international customers.

Oh, please remember that we can give you a big discount when you buy in bulk!

Are you ready to contact us?