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Kozume Kenma’s name meaning in Japanese

Kozume Kanma written in kanjiHaikyuu!!

Kanji and meanings of Kenma’s name

A cool gamer boy, Kenma. He is a brain of Nekoma high school.

Does his name mean something clever?

Let’s check the answer!


Ko written in kanji

KO means alone.

The left part of the character stands for a baby and the right part does fearful emotion. The whole kanji expresses a kid who is alone and helpless.


Zume written in kanji

This ZUME is the same meaning as TSUME that means nails.

So the word KOZUME is “an alone nail”, but it doesn’t make sense.

The family name Kozume really exists but the origin is unknown. It’s very rare name and there are only 30 Kozume san in Japan. Most of them are in Iwate prefecture and the rest are in Chiba and Ibaraki prefecture.

Iwate is far from Tokyo where there’s Nekoma high school and Kenma’s parents may be from Chiba or Ibaraki.


Ken written in kanji

This kanji means to sharpen something or to research. Gives clever and smart impressions.


Ma written in kanji

This kanji also means to sharpen something.

Did you notice these two characters have this same part in it? This part stands for a stone.

means a stone

Both kanji represents to put an edge on something with a stone, or to grind a stone and make it shine. We use these letters to mean temperament of focusing on one thing and master it.

Kenma in Haikyuu!! is not superior physically, but he is outstanding when it comes to a mind game. He doesn’t have interest in others but gets absorbed in video games. I think these characters and his first name matches well.

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