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Kugisaki Nobara’s name meaning in Japanese

Kugisaki Nobara written in kanji Jujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

Kanji and meanings of Nobara’s name

Nobara is a strong girl, but her name is feminine. And her family name is related to the weapon she uses.

Let’s see what the kanji characters in her name mean together!


Kugi written in kanji

KUGI means a nail, a peg. That’s exactly the weapon Nobara uses.

The left part of the character stands for metal and the right part does a nail.

Why does she use nails to fight cursed spirits? It comes from “a cursed straw doll”, the most well known curse technique in Japan.

picture: a woman hit nails into a cursed straw doll

If you have someone you want to kill, make a straw doll and put the picture of that person on it. Bring the doll to a shrine between 1:00 p.m and 3:00 p.m. and hit it with big nails into a tree trunk. The person will die if the curse is accomplished.

We all hear the story as a kind of scary stories when we are little. The straw doll is a symbol of curse for Japanese.


Saki written in kanji

This character stands for cape and it’s one of the most common kanji letters for family names. There’re many family names with SAKI like Yamasaki, Tasaki, Terasaki, Miyasaki and many more. I think you’ve seen some in other anime or manga.


No written in kanji

NO means field or wild.


BARA is rose. So the word NOBARA makes wild rose. It’s not rose in garden, but rose in mountains and fields.

The flower of Nobara is different from general roses. I think it’s more like strawberry flowers. They’re simple and rustic rather than gorgeous. Here’s a picture!

photo: flower of nobara

Floral languages of Nobara are “elegant beauty”, “pure love”, “loneliness”, “talent” and “poem”. Which do you think is suitable for Jujutsu Kaisen Nobara’s character?

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