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Who does Kugisaki Nobara like? She loves Itadori Yuji?

does kugisaki nobara like itadori yuji?Jujutsu Kaisen

Does Kugisaki Nobara like Itadori Yuji?

Nobara herself strongly denied it when talking with Ozawa Yuko, Itadori’s old classmate girl who likes Itadori. In episode 64 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Ozawa asked Nobara “Do you love Itadori too?”. And she replied “NO” “It NEVER happens if the earth and the heaven danced together.”.

But just after finishing the conversation, she felt something fuzzy. She resulted that the SOMETHING occurred because she got annoyed by thinking if Itadori had a girlfriend before Nobara did (she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet).

Isn’t she conscious of Itadori?

I want to introduce Nobara’s lines in episode 63. When she talked with Itadori, she said like this.

“Kind of the seat inmy life…”

“I don’t want someone who doesn’t sit there do something to my heart.”

“Does it sound cold? Well, there’s someone like you who brought the chair by yourself and sit.”

She says that Itadori is sitting on the chair in her heart. We can see at least Itadori is recognized as a special person, though it’s not clear if it’s a romantic feeling or not.

What does the author say about Ozawa’s episode?

According to the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, Akutami Gege, the episode of Ozawa simply describes daily life and it’s not an important one in the story. Her memory about Itadori is NOT the “memory that doesn’t exist”.

Some Japanese fans read into this episode and think that Ozawa Yuko would be a cursed spirit and Itadori’s enemy. But as far as we see what Akutami said, it’s not likey that Ozawa plays such a critical role in the story. I guess he described the past of Itadori and Ozawa to show Itadori Yuji’s straight and honest personality.

Additionally, he clearly stated that daily life episodes would NOT appear in the upcoming story. So I wonder if the romance between Nobara and Yuji is told in the future. Jujutsu Kaisen originally doesn’t have many romantic elements and it may not be revealed what is the true identity of Nobara’s SOMETHING.

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