KUGISAKI NOBARA’s past and childhood
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KUGISAKI NOBARA’s past and childhood

past & childhood of kugisaki nobaraJujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

Does Kugisaki Nobara has harsh past or childhood?

Rather yes. She’s from the sticks and witnessed spiteful bullying against her friend.

Where does Nobara from?

Nobara is from the Tohoku (eastern north) area in Japan. The place isn’t mentioned, but I guess it would be Iwate prefecture because she says “my hometown is a hick town that takes 4 hours to Morioka”. Morioka is the prefectural capital in Iwate prefecture.

How hick is Iwate? I know it as I’m also from the Tohoku area. It’s TOTALLY the middle of nowhere. This is a picture of the place where my parent-in-law lives. You can tell how rustic Iwate is by only seeing it!

Is this a picture taken 100 years ago…?

No, no! It’s what I see now😅

In Jujutsu Kaisen manga chapter 125, Nobara’s past was described.

What happened to her there?

When Nobara was 6 years old, a girl named Fumi moved to her village. She used a light blue school bag, but only the red and black ones were used in the village and her blue bag stood out in a bad way.

Everyone in the school hated her strange bag, but Nobara was different. She wanted it and forcibly got exchange their bags. She easily got bored with it and returned it to Fumi, but the incident made them closer.

Saori moved to the village!

One day, a girl named Saori moved to the village from Tokyo. Nobara called her house “a secret base” and got to frequently visit her with Fumi. Being affected by kind Saori, Nobara’s language became softer and softer.

But from one day, Saori’s family was getting suffered from the harsh bullying from the villagers. They put trashes and snow in front of Saori’s house and drew the malicious graffiti on the wall. Saori ended up leaving the village and Nobara saw her off crying her eyes out.

Departures to Tokyo

10 years have passed since then. Nobara decided to enter Tokyo Jujutsu high school. When she departed to Tokyo, Fumi came to see her off. Nobara said to her “I’ll never come back here. Fumi, you should better leave this villager too.” “We’ll meet with 3 of us next time”.

Nobara and Fumi have avoided talking about Saori. Fumi cried knowing that Nobara had not forgotten her. The train departed and Nobara moved on to Tokyo.

What happened to Saori after that?

Saori has became an editor in Tokyo. She was recalling Nobara chatting with her sempai.

She loved Nobara so much. She was streching herself at that time because she wanted Nobara to like her more.

But at last, she smiled sadly because she felt that Nobara would be disappointed to see the current herself. What is Nobara doing? Is she fine? Saori thinks about her.

This is Nobara’s childhood episode. Can she see Saori again? What is happening her now? Read the post below to know it!

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