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Kuroo Tetsurou’s name meaning in Japanese

kuroo tetsurou written in kanjiHaikyuu!!

Kanji and meanings of Kuroo’s name

A captain of Nekome high school, Kuroo. His name gives strong and sturdy impressions. Why is that? Let’s see it together!


kuro written in kanji

KURO is black. It’s a common kanji for family names.


o written in kanji

O means tail of animal and it’s also used regularly for family names.

The whole character stands for an animal’s hip covered with coat.

So the name KUROO makes “a black tail”. It’s interesting that his teammate Kozume Kenma’s family name, Kozume’s ZUME mean a claw and they seem paired up.

And Kuroo’s birthday is November 17th and it’s a black cat day. Though it’s not included directly in it, his name is related to a cat.

For your information, the word NEKO in Nekoma high means a cat in Japanese though kanji letters have different meanings.


tetsu written in kanji

TETSU means iron. Gives strong impression and used for boy names.

The left part of the character stands for metal, and the second one does an arrow. The whole letter represents an iron arrow.

Kuroo’s personality seem tricky, but he may be strong-willed and robust like iron in his heart.


rou written in kanji

ROU is a kanji character that is frequently used for a suffix word for boy names.

The shape of letter stems from the clear moonlight and means cheerful and bright personalities.

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