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KUSA in Japanese Kanji: Meanings and Usage

kusa, japanese kanji letter meaning grassJapanese Language Learning

Hi, it’s Junko. In this post, I’ll explain a Kanji symbol that reads KUSA in Japanese. In addition to the meanings, you’ll learn how to read, use, and the origin of it!

kusa written in a japanese kanji letter


  1. Grass
  2. Draft
  3. Beginning, beginner, start

How to Read in Japanese


This Kanji is mainly used for grass. When you use it to mean draft or beginning, it reads SOU. The most common word for this usage is 草稿 (SOUKOU). The first letter stands for “draft,” and the second KOU symbol has the meaning of “manuscript.”

Origin of the Kanji Symbol

The top part of the symbol stands for grass, and the bottom one pictures the sun and the head of a person. The whole symbol describes an early morning when the sun is rising. It’s said the grass letter originally meant “early”. Actually, the bottom part alone can be used as a Kanji letter that means early and reads SOU.

In this Kanji, the top part shows the meaning, and the bottom one does the pronunciation.

What Does Japanese Slang 草 mean?

The 草 Kanji is sometimes used as an internet slang word. It’s equivalent to “lol” in English. I posted another article about the slang word KUSA, so please check it for further information!

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