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11+ Free Long Hair Anime Girl Coloring Pages by Japanese Creators

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Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. I have two little girls, and they love coloring. Here I introduce high-quality coloring pages of cute anime girls you can download for free. All the illustrations are made by Japanese creators and provided as free printable as long as you use them for private purposes.

This post focuses on long hair anime girls. Girls always admire beautiful long hair. Enjoy!

A Girl in a Frilled Dress

A girl in a flowy frilled dress. Large eyes are so cute! Click the illustration and you can access the larger size png format file.

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A Japanese Girl in a School Uniform

A cool Japanese girl with long straight hair. She’s wearing a Kimono on her school uniform. A flower at her feet is camellia that blooms in winter.

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Hatsune Miku

Do you know this pigtails girl? Her name is Hatsune Miku, a very popular Vocaloid character in Japan.

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A Mermaid Girl

A free coloring page of a mermaid girl. She seems like coming out of a fairy tale. What color will you choose for this beautiful long hair?

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Pretty Cure Anime Girls Coloring

If you’re a Japanese anime fan, you may know the Pretty Cure series for little girls. This illustrator Kuromame releases many anime girls’ illustrations from the Pretty Cure series. Here’s one of them.

Source & Download:

If you want to get more, here you can see all her work. Currently, almost 30 coloring pages are updated. You can meet various anime girls!

List for Kuromame’s Coloring Page Works:

Licca Free Printable

Licca is the most popular playing doll brand in Japan. It’s like a Japanese version of Barbie. She’s a lovely girl with long straight hair. On the Licca official website, you can find a large selection of Licca coloring pages for free download.

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Free Printables from Copic Official

Copic is a Japanese marker pen brand for creative works. The Copic official website offers some printable coloring pages collaborated with Japanese professional illustrators. Here I introduce free printables of long hair girls from them. Some pages have making-of videos or colored samples, and they would be great materials for learning coloring and drawing!

Terms of Use

You can use each data only for your personal use. You may not use these materials for commercial, secondary, or redistribution purposes.

A Manga Girl by Sakai Mayu

A long hair girl from the Japanese Shojo manga “Hello, Innocent” by Sakai Mayu. She’s the main character of the manga.

Source & Download:

A Lovely Ribbon Girl by Machinaga Yuzuru

Machinaga Yuzuru is a Japanese creator who keeps drawing cute girls with Copic markers. You can see the colored version on the download page.

Source & Download:

A Catgirl by Tsukigami Luna

A beautiful girl with cat ears! Cat ears are called NEKOMIMI in Japan and are a very popular motif for character designs.

Source & Download:

A Wavy Hair Girl by Tanemura Arina

A manga girl with long wavy hair by Tanemura Arina, a professional Shojo manga artist. This illustration was newly created for the Copic coloring campaign, and even the background is drawn with a very delicate touch.

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