The origin of the Makima’s name in Chainsaw Man
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The origin of the Makima’s name in Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man the origin of makima's nameChainsaw Man

The origin of the name of Makima was told by Fujimoto Tatsuki, the author of Chainsaw Man himself.

According to his interview, the name Makima comes from MAMA.

Denji seeks motherhood

Denji lost his mother when he was little. That’s why he seeks motherhood and his personality is modeled after an abused kid.

A chainsaw is a tool to cut a wood. Wood is KI in Japanese. If you cut the KI in Makima’s name and take it away…

makima written in japanese

It becomes Mama.

mama written in japanese

What denji demands of Makima is not love as lovers, but affection of a mother.

I see Denji’s attitude toward Makima differently after knowing the fact. He attached to women’s breast so badly in the story. It might come from lack of motherly affection, not from sexual frustration.

Is Makima a gentle mummy for him as he wants her to be? You’ll know the answer at the end of the Chainsaw Man story and I don’t tell about it here!

Chainsaw Man
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