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The Secret of Chainsaw Man Makima’s Name in Japanese

chainsaw man the origin of makima's nameChainsaw Man

According to Fujimoto Tatsuki, the author of Chainsaw Man, Makima’s name comes from the word MAMA. Her name stands for “mother”. But why is Makima a mother? I’ll explain the reason told by Mr. Fujimoto!

Denji Seeks Motherhood in Women

Denji lost his mother when he was little. That’s why he seeks motherhood. His personality is modeled after an abused kid.

On the other hand, a chainsaw is a tool to cut wood. Wood says KI in Japanese. What will happen if you missed the KI in Makima’s name and take it away?

makima written in japanese

Yes, it becomes MAMA. Denji’s chainsaw made Makima Mama!

mama written in japanese

What Denji demands of Makima is not love feelings as lovers, but an affection of a mother. He attached to women’s breasts so badly at the story’s beginning. It might come from the lack of love from the mother, not from sexual frustration. He may just want to be held in his mother’s chest since he never knows what it feels like.

Denji sees and seeks a mother in Makima. Is Makima a gentle mummy for him as he wants her to be? You’ll eventually know the answer at the end of the Chainsaw Man story. But I don’t talk about it here!

An Animation Character That Influenced Makima’s Character

One more piece of information about Makima. Makima’s character is inspired by BENTEN, an animation character in UCHOTEN KAZOKU. The title is translated The Eccentric Family in English. Benten is one of the main characters and is a kind of Japanese Yokai monster called TENGU. She has overwhelming supernatural power and a seductive appearance. It’s exactly like Makima in Chainsaw Man!

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