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MALEVOLENT SHRINE meaning in Japanese

malevolent shrine written in japanese kanji lettersJujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

The domain expansion technique of Ryomen Sukuna, Malevolent Shrine says FUKUMAMIZUSHI in Japanese.

What does it mean?

FUKUMA is “demons are lurking” and MIZUSHI is a Buddhism double door building.

The word Fukumamizushi consists of two words, FUKUMA and MIZUSHI. Let me explain what each word and kanji symbols mean!


fukuma written in japanse kanji letters, meaning lurk and demons

FUKU = lurk, hide and wait

MA = demon, devil, evil

The origin of the word Fukuma is FUKUMADEN. DEN means “palace” or “castle” in this case and FUKUMADEN makes the place where something evil is lurking.


mizushi written in japanese kanji letters, meaning a buddhism shrine

MI = prefix used for showing respect

ZUSHI = a Buddhism double-door shrine or altar

ZUSHI is a Buddhism altar with double doors. Buddhism tools like statues and scriptures are enshrined in it. MIZUSHI is a polite way of calling Zushi.

Here’s the example of the actual Zushi. It’s one of the national treasures of Japan.

Ah, it looks like the shrine in Ryomen Sukuna’s domain expansion!

Hōryū-ji, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

You can review the Malevolent Shrine on the video. Compare the real Zushi and Ryomen Sukuna’s shrine!

Mizushi is originally a place for something divine. But Sukuna’s one is a place for demons. It creates an area in which Sukuna’s attack never fails to miss. Fierce slash keeps attacking the opponent until the technique ends.

Like the Malevolent Shrine, many of the cursed technique names in Jujutsu Kaisen come from Buddhism words. Check the post below if you’re interested in other domain expansion techniques!

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