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Who’s the Jujutsu Kaisen Meimei’s voice actor in Japanese?

japanese voice actor for jujutsu kaisen meimeiJujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

A Japanese voice actor for Meimei is Mitsuishi Kotono. She’s the one of the most famous and popular voice actors in Japan and her name became the trend on twitter when the news of her casting for Meimei was released.

This is her voice!

呪術廻戦 17話 1級呪術師 冥冥登場シーン Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 17

Meimei’s appeared in episode 17! Personally, her voice was exactly as I imagined, matured and seems hiding something.

Who’s Mitsuishi Kotono?

Mitsuishi Kotono is an voice actor who played Tsukino Usagi in Sailor Moon and Katsuragi Misato in Evangelion and Boa Hancock in ONE PIECE.

You can hear her voice on this video that introduces 20 characters she’s played!


Mitsuishi Kotono commented about playing Meimei that she’s looking forward to acting battle scenes and tried her best to express overwhelming power of Meimei.

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