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What Does IZUKU’s Name Meaning in Japanese?

Midoriya Izuku written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Midoriya Izuku in Kanji Symbols

The main character of My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku. Is his name cool like a hero? I’ll explain what his name mean based on his Kanji characters!

IZUKU – go out & long time

Izuku written in kanji

The first letter means “go out” and the second letter does “long time.”

As for Izuku’s name, I think what’s important is not the Kanji meanings but its sound. IZU has another way of reading and it’s DE. So his name can be read DEKU, his hero name.

DEKU is a wooden doll in Japanese and the word used to mean good-for-nothing because the doll can’t move by itself and be of no use at all. That’s why Bakugo Katsuki called Izuku DEKU with a mocking intention.

But Uraraka Ochaco gave this name a new meaning, saying she liked it in a positive way. It became a tipping point for Izuku and he got to accept the name Deku.

According to the author of My Hero Academia, he wanted to describe a main character who proceeds even if he was covered in dirt. That made Izuku a negative and shy boy. But he transforms from a wooden doll into a real hero with his longing for All Might. And we’re moved to see him change as we know how weak he originally was.

MIDORI – green

Midori written in kanji

MIDORI means “green” in Japanese. Yes, it’s exactly the color of Izuku’s hair. This Kanji letter comes from bamboo trees. The right part of the character stands for scattered leaves and the bark of bamboo.

Why is the theme color of Izuku green?


That’s because green is the color that isn’t used for All Might. Look at All Might, and you’ll find there’s no green in his character design. Green stands for the uniqueness of Izuku!

YA – valley

Ya written in kanji

MIDORIYA’s YA stands for a valley. The shape of the character pictures water flowing from the water source. It’s one of the most common characters for Japanese family names.

Now you know the family name MIDORIYA makes “green valley.” The name really exists in Japan, but it’s very rare. There are only 90 Midoriya people in Japan!

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