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Why Is MITSURI’s Hair Pink and Green? What’s the Original Color?

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Hi, Junko from Japan here. KANROJI MITSURI in Demon Slayer has distinctive pink and green hair. Mitsuri’s hair color changed because she ate too much SAKURA MOCHI, a traditional Japanese confection.

Do you want to see what it’s like? This is a Sakura Mochi MItsuri loves!

Japanese Sakura Mochi that changed Mitsuri’s hair color

Mitsuri’s hair color comes from the pink Mochi and the green leaf.

SAKURA MOCHI: Japanese Sweet with Pink and Green Colors

SAKURA means “cherry blossom” in Japanese. As the name shows, Sakura Mochi is made from Mochi (sticky rice cake), Anko (sweet bean paste), and a salted leaf of cherry blossom. Sweet bean paste is wrapped with Mochi and the salted leaf.

The salted leaf is edible, but it’s up to you if you eat it or not. I am a “eat” person. The salted cherry blossom leaves smell like cinnamon, and the salty taste goes well with the sweet Mochi and Anko paste.

I bet Mitsuri prefers to have the leaf too since her hair has the green color that comes from cherry blossom leaves!

Sakura Mochi is offered only during the spring season in Japan. You can buy them at Japanese confectionary stores called WAGASHI-YA. The price is around $2.


At Wagashiya stores, you can buy various Japanese snacks such as sweet Mochi and dumplings. We still have traditional Wagashiya stores anywhere in Japan.

According to the official fan book of Demon Slayer, Kanroji Mitsuri kept having 170 pieces of Sakura Mochi a month for 8 months and that caused the color change of her hair. If you ate 1360 Sakura Mochi in total, it would cost more than $2700. Her food expenses are so high!

What is Mitsuri’s Original Hair Color?

It’s black. Her hair was very normal until she ate an incredible amount of Sakura Mochi. Her eye was also black, but it changed into green. You can see Mitsuri with black hair and eyes in volume 14 of the comic book.

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