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Why Is MITSURI’s Uniform So Revealing Like That?

why is kanroji mitsuri's uniform so revealing?Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan! Why does Mitsuri dress in such a revealing uniform? Is it a common style in the Taisho era, the stage of Demon Slayer? Of course, NO.

Who Made Mitsuri’s Skimpy Uniform?

The reason why Kanroji Mitsui’s uniform is so revealing was revealed in an extra short comic published in the Demon Slayer manga book vol. 12. The mastermind of her unusual uniform is MAEDA MASAO, one of the tailoring staff of Demon Slayer Corps.

For your information, Maeda shows up only in this extra comic and doesn’t appear in the main episodes. Yet he’s well known among Japanese fans since his nickname had a strong impact.

Maeda is called GESUMEGANE by other members. GESU means “jerk” or “asshole” in Japanese slang. MEGANE is for eyeglasses. So the nickname GESUMEGANE represents a “jerk wearing glasses.” It’s not an honorable name.

Why Does Mitsuri Dress Like That?

When Mitsuri became an official swordsman of the Demon Slayer Corps, Maeda prepared a new costume for her and secretly arranged it into a sexy and skimpy design. Mitsuri was confused but he insisted that it was normal and official, and she ended up being convinced.

After Mitsuri met Kocho Shinobu in the Hashira meeting, she found that Shinobu’s uniform was not revealing at all. Shinobu was also provided the sexy costume by Maeda but she burned it up in front of him. Finally, Mitsuri knew the fact that other swordsmen were given normal uniforms, and only her uniform was special. 

I think Mitsuri could change her costume as she wanted as long as she stayed Hashira. According to the official fan book of Demon Slayer, Hashira members can get money as much as they want.

With her financial power and authority as a Hashira, it might not be difficult to let the new uniform be tailored. But she kept wearing the revealing one. Maybe she was too busy to care about the clothes? Or it might be easy to move and wasn’t so bad.

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