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What Does MITSUYA TAKASHI Mean in Japanese?

tokyo revengers mitsuya takashi name meaning in japaneseTokyo Revengers

Hi, Junko from Japan here! The name MITSUYA TAKASHI in Tokyo Revengers means “three valleys” and “prosperity” in Japanese. I’ll explain each meaning for each Kanji symbol in his full name!

What’s the Meaning of MITSUYA?

mitsuya written in japanese letters

MITSU = three, third
YA = valley, gorge, ravine

MITSU stands for the number “three” in Japanese. The first letter is written in Kanji, and the second one is in Katakana. YA means “valley” and is a relatively common character for Japanese family names.

The entire meaning of the last name MITSUYA becomes “three valleys.” The name exists in Japan, mainly in Shizuoka prefecture. Also, there are last names with the same Kanji combination but the readings are different. The Kanji letters for the “three valleys” can be read MITANI or MITSUTANI as well.

What’s the Meaning of TAKASHI?

takashi written in japanese kanji symbol

TAKASHI = improve, prosper, flourish, high

In Japanese, one Kanji symbol has several meanings. Even if the pronunciations are the same, the meanings of the names vary depending on the Kanji combinations for them.

TAKASHI is a very common first name for boys, but what it represents is determined by what Kanji symbols are used for it. When it comes to MITSUYA TAKASHI in Tokyo Revengers, his TAKASHI means “something goes in the upper direction.”

The left part of the character depicts a “ladder,” and the right one describes “footprints and green grass.” The entire symbol portrays that the god comes down to the earth with the ladder and green grass sprouts toward the sky. It’s one of the most preferred Kanji characters for Japanese boys’ names.

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