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Miwa Kasumi’s name meaning in Japanese

Miwa Kasumi written in kanjiJujutsu Kaisen

Kanji and meanings of Miwa’s name

Like her personality, Miwa Kasumi’s name is normal and natural.

But her family name has the origin and it’s related to her personality.

What’s that? Let’s see it together!

MI – three

Mi written in kanji

This kanji means three. Letters that stands for numbers are often seen in Japanese names and it’s one of them.

WA -ring

Wa written in kanji

WA means a ring. The family name MIWA is relatively common and it’s seen mainly in Aichi prefecture.

The name Miwa of Jujutsu Kaisen is derived from the Japanese word MIHA, which means a fangirl. She is crazy about following trends. You can know that from her attitude toward Gojo Satoru.

KASUMI – haze

Kasumi written in kanji

KASUMI is haze.

You may think it’s not a proper kanji for one’s name, but Japanese people find beauty in something fades away in a short term. So we don’t get a bad impression from this kanji, rather feel elegant.

But when it comes to Miwa Kasumi in Jujutsu Kaisen, it may contain the meaning of airly-fairly personality. In token of that, she announces herself “Hello? Miwa the useless here.” and her position is always at someone unreliable in the story. I think that’s why she’s cute though!

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