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What chapter is Mugen Train in manga?

mugen train arc chapters & titlesDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

The chapters for the Demon Slayer Mugen Train arc start from chapter 54 in vol. 7 and end in chapter 66 in vol. 8.

The Mugen Train arc continues until chapter 69, but what’s described in the movie is the story until chapter 66.

You need the comics vol. 7 and 8 to prepare or review the movie story!

How many chapters for the Mugen Train arc?

It’s 13 until chapter 66. It’s 16 if you want to read until chapter 69.

The chapters and the titles for the Mugen Train arc

The Mugen train arc in manga starts from chapter 54 and ends in chapter 69.

  • ch54: Good night Mr. Rengoku
  • ch55: Mugen Dream Train
  • ch56: Wake up
  • ch57: Bring the edge
  • ch58: Good morning
  • ch59: Insult
  • ch60: Protect 200 people
  • ch61: Offense and defense in a narrow space
  • ch62: End in a nightmare
  • ch63: Akaza
  • ch64: The power of the upper moons, the power of the Hashira
  • ch65: Who won?
  • ch66: Scatter in the dawn
  • ch67: What I’m looking for
  • ch68: User
  • ch69: Go forward, even a little

The movie story is basically true to the original, but some small points are different.

For example, what?

Well, some scenes at the stations are cut in the movie.

And the number of demon enemies is different from the movie and the original. The storyline is the same, but small episodes and directions are slightly different. I’m sure you can enjoy the goodness of both the movie and the manga!

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