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What Does NAMIKAZE MINATO Mean and His Kunai Mean in Japanese?

namikaze minato written in japaneseNARUTO/BORUTO

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. NAMIKAZE MINATO means “wave”, “wind,” and “port” in Japanese. All the words are related to the sea. In this post, I’ll explain the meaning of his full name in detail. The Kanji symbols on his Kunai are also explained. Enjoy!

What Does NAMIKAZE Mean?

namikaze written in japanese kanji

NAMI = wave, tide
KAZE = wind

The word NAMIKAZE stands for wade and wind or that strong wind blows and waves rise. Sometimes it’s used to mean a small dispute depending on the context. But for this case of Minato’s name, I think it simply represents wave and wind.

What Does MINATO Mean?

minato written in japanese katakana

MINATO = port, harbor

MINATO is a port in Japanese. It’s written in Katakana letters, which is a typical manner for last names in the NARUTO world. Usually, it’s written in a Kanji character when you want to mean a port.

What Do the Letters on Minato’s Kunai Say?

There are some Kanji characters written on Minato’s Kunai. You can see them when Minato uses HIRAISHIN NO JUTSU (Flying Thunder God Technique). Here are the symbols. I’m not sure how to read it properly, but it’s probably NIN AI NO KEN or NIN AI NO TSURUGI.

ninai no ken written in japanese kanji

NIN or SHINOBI = Ninja, endre
AI = love
NO = of
KEN or TSURUGI = sword

The entire phrase represents “the sword of Ninja love.” This Kunai with this Ninja love phrase is used for the marking of lying Thunder God Technique.

Honestly, this NINAI word doesn’t sound cool. We don’t have the word NINAI in our dictionaries, but there is a word JINAI, meaning consideration and mercy for others. NINAI may be made by making a pun of JINAI.

For your information, the AI symbol is the same letter as the one on Gaara’s forehead. Check out the links below if you’re interested in other NARUTO characters’ name meanings!

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