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What’s the Meaning of NARUTO in Japanese?

what is naruto?NARUTO/BORUTO

What Does NARUTO Mean?

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. The name NARUTO, the main character of NARUTO, comes from Japanese food. Seeing is believing. Here’s the NARUTO!

Focus on the white food with pink swirls on Ramen. They are NARUTO. It’s a kind of KAMABOKO (Japanese fish cake), and we place a slice of NARUTO on Ramen as a topping. It’s elastic and tastes a bit sweet.

Naruto is a very common food in Japan, and you can find and buy it in any supermarket. The price is around 200 JPY (1 to 2 USD).

What Does UZUMAKI Mean?

As you know, Naruto’s full name is UZUMAKI NARUTO. UZUMAKI means “swirl” and “spiral” in Japanese. I think UZUMAKI stands for a swirl in the Naruto fish cake.

For your information, the food Naruto was named after NARUTO NO UZUSHIO in Tokushima prefecture. It’s a big whirlpool and has been a famous sightseeing spot.

Hellbuny, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Ukiyo-e Aart of Naruto Whirlpool by Utagawa Hiroshige

UZU = whirling, swirl
SHIO = wave, tide

NARUTO NO UZUSHIO is one of the largest whirlpools in the world. There’s a bridge called OONARUTOKYO (big Naruto bridge) that lies over the whirlpool. It’s said NARUTO OOHASHI (Naruto big bridge) in the Land of Waves is modeled after the OONARUTOKYO.

Is NARUTO a Japanese Name?

The word NARUTO is a food name, and it’s not used for a person. If you name someone Naruto, it’s like you name someone potato or hamburger. 


Here’s the Japanese writing for UZUMAKI NARUTO.

uzumaki naruto written in japanese characters

UZUMAKI is written in Hiragana characters, and NARUTO is in Katakana. Japanese last names are usually written in Kanji letters, and the Hiragana name is only for creative works such as manga and anime. The first name in Katakana is possible, but it’s rare.

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