Naruto’s name meaning in Japanese. What’s the origin?
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Naruto’s name meaning in Japanese. What’s the origin?

what is naruto?NARUTO/BORUTO

You’re wondering what the name NARUTO comes from?

Here, I’ll give you a perfect answer!

This is Naruto!

The white staff with swirling pink, this is it.

Whad kind of food is it?

Naruto is a kind of Kamaboko (fish cake) and made of minced fish. It’s elastic and tastes a bit sweet. Japanese kids love it 😀

You can buy Naruto every supermarkets and it costs just around 200 yen.

Naruto can be eaten without any cooking, but we don’t have it alone. It’s mostly used for a decoration of Ramen, like the picture you saw above.

You can eat Ichiraku Ramen!

There’s a NARUTO & BORUTO collaborated theme park in Awaji island in Hyogo prefecture. You can eat the real Ichiraku ramen here! Of course it has Naruto on it.

The Ramen shop itself is also recreated as Ichiraku in manga & anime.

About the theme park Nijigen No Mori

Nijigen No Mori
2425-2, Kusumoto, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture

The origin of the name

The name NARUTO is derived from Naruto strait in Tokushima prefecture in Japan. The strait is famous for a big whirlpool.

Hellbuny, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The whirlpool is called “Naruto no Uzushio”. NO means “of” and UZUSHIO does “whirling waves”.

Pink swirling line in naruto imitates this big whirlpool. And the word “swirling” can be said “UZUMAKI” in Japanese.

Did you notice?

Yes, that makes UZUMAKI NARUTO. His whole name comes from the food Naruto!

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