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Does NEZUKO Become a Human Again?

does nezuko become a human again?Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, Junko from Japan here! Does KAMADO NEZUKO turn back into a human again? The answer is YES. She’ll become human at the very end of the Demon Slayer episodes.

How Does Nezuko Become Human Again?

It’s thanks to a special medicine lady Tamayo and Kocho Shinobu developed together. Lady Tamayo has analyzed demons’ and Nezuko’s blood to reveal the secret of demonization since it’s Muzan’s blood that turns humans into demons. The key to becoming a demon lies in blood, and vice versa.

Lady Tamayo completed the medicine in joint research with Kocho Shinobu, which finally led Nezuko to become human again.

When Does She End Up Human?

It took some time for the medicine to work. Nezuko had the medicine at the Urokodaki’s place in episode 147 of the Demon Slayer manga.

In episode 185, Nezuko still has superhuman physical ability, and it seems she doesn’t completely turn into a human yet. But her hair color is all black (the ends of her hair aren’t pink), and I guess the medicine is working little by little.

It’s in episode 196 when Nezuko turns into a human and regains her memory. She appears to remember the things that took place while she was a demon.

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