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What Does Nezuko Eat? Can She Have Human Food?

can nezuko eat human food?Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, It’s Junko from Japan. Does Nezuko ever eat a human? The answer is NO. She has never eaten a single human.

Then what does Nezuko eat? The answer is that she doesn’t have any food. She gets and recovers her energy by sleeping while normal demons do that by eating humans, more precisely, human blood.

Can Nezuko Eat Human Food?

According to the official fan book of Demon Slayer, demons through human food up when they have it. I’m not sure if that’s because of the taste or because their bodies deny digesting human food.

Only lady Tamayo can have and enjoy tea since she modified her body by herself. Doma preferred Sake when he was a human. Now that he can’t drink it, he enjoys taking a Sake bath. For your information, putting some Sake into a bath is known as a beauty treatment for skin in Japan.

What Is Nezuko’s Favorite Food?

Originally, Nezuko’s favorite food was KONPEITO, hard round candy with a spiky shape that was brought to Japan from Portugal in the 1500s. The original name in Portuguese was CONFEITO, and it became the Japanese word KONPEITO.

Here’s the photo of Konpeito Nezuko loves! We can still buy it at Japanese-style confectioneries.

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