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Can Nezuko Go in the SUN? Is She Immune to Sunlight?

can nezuko be in the sun?Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, Junko from Japan here! Nezuko couldn’t go in the sun until she conquered sunlight in the swordsmith village arc of Demon Slayer. At the end part of the swordsmith village arc, she became immune to sunlight and regained some words. Zenitsu was about to die because Nezuko in the sun was too cute.

How Can Nezuko Walk in the Sun?

Lady Tamayo predicted that Nezuko would conquer the sun shortly since the component of Nezuko’s blood had changed many times.

When it comes to Nezuko’s constitution, she’s a demon, but she doesn’t require human blood and can recover herself by sleeping. She was out of the demons’ rule at the very beginning. So it’s not a big wonder that she could gain immunity to sunshine. The detailed reason why only Nezuko became immune to the sun is not revealed.

So it’s just a guess, but I wonder if there’s a secret in her blood. Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art, BAKKETSU (Exploding Blood in English) can remove the demon poison. Does that mean that her blood can detoxify the demon characteristics or develop a kind of immunity to them? If so, Nezuko may have changed her body over time, and it was finally completed in the battle at the swordsmith village arc.

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