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Nezuko’s name meaning in Japanese

Nezuko written in kanji Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kanji and meanings of Nezuko’s name

Today I’ll explain Nezuko’s name. Her name and kanji characters are very rare. What do they mean? Let’s see it together! 😀


Ne written in kanji

NE means a tomb of one’s father. This is very difficult kanji and we seldom see and use it in our daily life. Thanks to Kimetsu no Yaiba and Nezuko, the character became well known.


Zu written in kanji

ZU means a bean. In Japan, we have a custom of throwing beans to wipe Oni (a Japanese demon) away. It’s a kind of charm against evil.

So we can guess two meanings of Nezuko’s name. One is that her parents gave her this name with a wish that she wouldn’t be attacked by Oni. The other is that she herself is the existence with a role of driving Oni away.

Which do you think more suitable for her name?


Ko written in kanji

KO means a child and is a very common character for girl names. For example, my name Junko also has KO at the end of it.

You can see many other names with KO, like Yuko, Keiko, Michiko, Tomoko, Akiko and Momoko.

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