Haikyuu!! trivia: Nishinoya’s name has a secret!
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Haikyuu!! trivia: Nishinoya’s name has a secret!

Nishinoya Yu written in kanjiHaikyuu!!

Did you know that there’s a secret in Nishinoya Yu’s name?

His name is in contrast with Azumine Asahi.

I’ll explain what I mean one by one!


The left character reads NISHI and means east. The right one is Azumine’s AZU and means west.

We usually reads this west character AZUMA, but Azumine’s name lacks MA and it’s an irregular reading.


The left character is NISHINOYA’s NOYA. We usually read this kanji YA. But in Nishinoya’s case, NO is added and it’s irregular.

The right one is AZUMINE’s MINE and it means a mountain peak. The left part of this character stands for mountains.


YU means dusk and ASAHI does the morning sunshine.

The kanji character of Yu gives elegant and calm impressions. Asahi is one that has a strong image.

Considering their personalities, it seems they should exchange the letters. But when I think about their play style, Nishinoya is calm and Asahi is powerful just like their names show.

Nishinoya and Azumine are contrasting in every way, but they make a good combination. I love this duo and I’m happy to see them getting along after they graduated from Karasuno high school 😊


Nishinoya Yu’s birthday is October 10. Azumine Asahi’s birthday is January 1. It’s 10/10 and 01/01. Even their birthdays are paired up!

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