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Oikawa Toru’s name meaning in Japanese

Oikawa Toru written in kanjiHaikyuu!!

Kanji and meanings

I’ll explain the kanji characters used in Oikawa Toru’s name and their meanings 😀


Oi written in kanji

This character means to have effect on something or to catch up something. The shape stands for hands that are trying to catch a person from behind.


Kawa written in kanji

KAWA means a river. This is one of the most basic kanji and one of the first letters we learn at elementary school.

It’s frequently used for Japanese family names and you’ll see other names with KAWA. Matsukawa Issei at Aoba Josai at Josai high school, an Oikawa’s teammate also has the same KAWA.

The family name OIKAWA is seen in especially in Tohoku (=north east) area in Japan. The stage of Haikyuu!! is MIyagi prefecture in Tohoku and it’s a popular name here in Miyagi.

(I live in Miyagi!)


Oikawa’s nickname is “the prince”. And there’s an actor who is called “the prince” in Japan and his family name is also Oikawa. I’m not sure it’s related or not, but their personalities look somehow similar. I think there’s a possibility that Oikawa’s name origin is that another prince.


Toru written in kanji

This kanji means to do something from start to finish, to devote. It stands for a stance of “never give up”.

Oikawa Toru is not genius, but trying to be the best with extraordinary effort. Though his usual behavior is breezy, but I think this kanji describes his true nature well.

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