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Pokemon Satoshi Pikachu Electronic Background EZW-06


Cute and brave! Pokemon Pikachu figure with aesthetic clear parts of 10,000,000 Volts by Takara Tomy.

10,000,000 is the limited special move that appeared in the video game “Sun and Moon”!

Where can I get it?

Here’s the list of shops with international shipping!

You can go the item page directly by clicking the blue text links.

Amazon US

CDJapan Sold out


eBay $37.28~

Which shop is the best for me?

You must go to SOLARIS JAPAN directly to get the Pikachu for sure!

Check more pictures and price

eBay also has a few sellers, but the price is higher and the stock is very limited. I think you should hurry checking SOLARIS JAPAN.

Check more pictures and price

Go to see this cool Pikachu!