RENGOKU KYOJURO’s Japanese name meaning
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RENGOKU KYOJURO’s Japanese name meaning

rengoku kyojuro written in japanese kanji lettersDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

What does Rengoku Kyojuro mean in Japanese? Do the letters have cool meanings?

RENGOKU means purgatory and KYOJURO has auspicious kanji letters. Let me explain what each symbol stands for!

The family name RENGOKU


Ren written in kanji

REN means to smelt metal or to train oneself.

The left part of this kanji stands for fire. The right part pictures a bag in which selected metals are stocked. The whole part means to melt metals with fire and remove impurities from them.


Goku written in kanji

GOKU means hell. The parts on both sides of the characters stand for two fighting dogs. The middle part means “words” and “to speak” and the whole symbol pictures that someone is trying to arbitrate and judge the sin of the dogs.

These two kanji letters make the word RENGOKU, catholic purgatory that is a place between heaven and hell. It’s said that the soul of the dead is purified with fire there.

Given these backgrounds, Rengoku Kyojuro’s flame is a purification fire. It’s a powerful name!

Yes, it has very strong sound. On the other hand, his first name has somehow cute letter. Let’s see it!

The first name KYOJURO


Kyo written in kanji

KYO means apricot. This is not a kanji character that gives any strong impression. It’s generally used especially for girl name.

But… the color of apricot is red and yellow. Don’t you think it’s completely the same as Rengoku Kyojuro’s hair color?

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Looks lik Kyojuro’s hair color!


Ju written in kanji

This is one of the most festive and lucky characters in Japan. You’ll see this symbol on gift wrapping and envelopes in happy event scenes like a wedding ceremony. It originally means longevity.

Longevity… It sounds somehow ironic thinking about his fate in the Mugen Train arc.


RO means men and it’s frequently used for boy names. Tanjiro also has the same letter for his RO.

Is a name like Rengoku Kyojuro common in Japan?

Ah, NO. It’s a manga-ish name and doesn’t exist. I guess the boys with the first name Kyojuro might increase in Japan due to the influence of the Demon Slayer movie, though.

There are so many uncommon family names in Demon Slayer. But they are not all manga-ish and some of them really exist. Please check my Demon Slayer category posts to know more about other character names!

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What Manga Chapter Rengoku Appear?

Rengoku Kyojuro first appears in Demon Slayer episode 44, contained in comic vol. 6.

Comic vol. 7 & 8 are the Mugen Train Arc! And he sometimes shows up in flashback scenes after that.

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