What is Gojo Satoru’s six eyes Rikugan?
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What is Gojo Satoru’s six eyes Rikugan?

Rikugan written in kanjiJujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

Gojo Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisen has special six eyes called “Rikugan”. I think that blue eyes stole a lot of female hearts… ( Of course I’m one of them XD )

Thanks to these eyes, Gojo can control Mugen (infinity) and see through the structure of Jujutsu spells, which makes him the strongest.

What is this special eyes, Rikugan?

I guess the origin of the word is Buddhism words “Rokujintsu” or “Gogan”. I’ll explain what they are like for your information and help you look more closely Jujutsu Kaisen world!


Rokujintsu means six divine powers in Buddhism. It’s said that Buddha and other Buddhist saints have these six powers.

Jinsoku tsu – Devine foot power

The power that allows to move freely wherever one wants to go.

Tenni tsu -Devine ear power

The power that allows to hear all the sound on the earth.

Tashintsu – Devine mind reading power

Very powerful mind reading power.

Shukumyotsu – Devine fate telling power

The power to know all the fate and history of people.

Tengentsu – Devine eye power

To know the truth of life and death, including reincarnation.

Rojintsu – Devine enlightenment power

To know everything and arrive at a deep awareness of the world. To reach the end of reincarnation and release from its cycle.


GO means five and GAN does eyes. Gogan indicates five senses needed to know the truth.

Nikugen – Flesh eyes

Eyes that see colors and shapes in real life. Normal human’s eyes are this Nikugen.

Tengen – Heaven eyes

Eyes that see all four points of the compass, the heaven and the earth.

Hougen – Law eyes

Eyes that know the wisdom to save people.

Butsugen – Budda eyes

Eyes of Budda that have all of these four eyes and see through everything.

The ultimate eyes in Gogen are Butsugen, which can use four powers of eyes. If Rikugan is something that comes from Gogan, there’s a possibility that Gojo Satoru can use or get at least five skills with his eyes. Rikugan’s abilities are not fully revealed yet and I think we can see them in upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen episodes.


The number “6” has a special meaning in Buddhism. For example, it has a concept called Rikudo which means the six worlds. Under Buddhism teaching, we are reincarnating in these six worlds.

Other than Jujutsu Kaisen, we can see names or words influenced by Buddhism in a lot of manga. Do you like NARUTO? Do you remember Rikudo Sennin who showed up at the end of the story? I think his name comes from Buddhism Rikudo too.

If you know about Gojo Satoru more, check the article below!

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Jujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight
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