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RIKUGAN: The Secret of Gojo Satoru’s Six Eyes

Rikugan written in kanjiJujutsu Kaisen

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. Six Eyes of Gojo Satoru are called RIKUGAN in the original Japanese word.

rikugan written in japanese kanji

RIKU = six
GAN = eye

In Jujutsu Kaisen, RIKUGAN is special eyes that can see through the structure of Jujutsu spells, which makes Gojo Satoru the strongest. Only the member of the Gojo family can obtain RIKGAN, but the incidence rate is extremely low. Gojo Satoru is the first holder in the past hundreds of years.

I think the word RIKUGAN comes from the Buddhism term ROKUJINTSU and GOGAN. Many names of Cursed Techniques in Jujutsu Kaisen are derived from Buddhism.

What’re the Six Divine Powers in Buddhism?

rokujintsu written in japanese kanji

ROKUJINTSU means “six divine powers” in Buddhism. It’s said that Buddha and other Buddhism saints had these six powers and made miracles. These are the six divine powers.

JINSOKU TSU (Divine foot power)

The power that allows moving freely whenever you want to go and transform your appearance into everything you want. In Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo shows his teleportation technique and it may be like JINSOKU TSU.

TENNI TSU (Divine ear power)

The power that allows hearing all the sounds on the earth.

TASHIN TSU (Divine mind reading power)

Very powerful mind reading power that can see through the mind of others.

SHUKUMYO TSU (Devine fate telling power)

The power to know all the future and past of people. Powerful predictive ability.

TENGEN TSU (Devine eye power)

To know the truth of life and death, including reincarnation. TENGEN shows up in Jujutsu Kaisen too, but their Kanji combinations are different. The TENEN in JJK uses the combination for “heaven origin.”

ROJIN TSU (Devine enlightenment power)

To reach the end of reincarnation and be released from its cycle. That means you will reach and proceed to the upper layer of the world.

What’re the Five Eyes in Buddhism?

gogan written in japanese kanji

GOGAN means “five eyes” in Japanese. It indicates the five senses needed to reach the truth of the world.

NIKUGEN (Flesh eyes)

Eyes that see colors and shapes in real life. Normal human eyes are regarded as NIKUGEN.

TENGEN (Heaven eyes)

Eyes that see all four points of the compass. You can look over all the heaven and the earth with these eyes.

HOUGEN (Law eyes)

Eyes that know the wisdom to save people.

BUTSUGEN (Buddha eyes)

Eyes of Buddha. The ultimate eyes that have all these four powers and see through everything.

The Meaning of the Number Six

The number six holds a special meaning in Buddhism. For example, it has a concept called RIKUDO which means the six worlds. You may have heard the word RIKUDO SENNIN (six worlds sages) in Japanese manga and anime. According to Buddhism teaching, we are reincarnating in these six worlds.

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