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How to say and write RING in Japanese?

how to say and write ring in japanese?Japanese Language Learning

Ring says YUBIWA in Japanese. The word Yubi means fingers, and Wa does ring, circle, or loop. Something ring-shaped for a finger, that makes Yubiwa!

Kanji Letters and Hiragana for Ring in Japanese

Here’s the Kanji letters for Yubiwa.

kanji letters of the japanese word yubiwa, meaning ring

Hiragana letters are here.

Similar Words

Engagement Ring

Engagement ring says KONYAKU YUBIWA. Kon stands for a wedding, and YAKU means a promise.

kanji letters of the word konyaku yubiwa, meaning engagement ring

Marriage Ring

Marriage ring is KEKKON YUBIWA. Kekkon means to marry in Japanese.

kanji letters for the japanese word kekkon yubiwa, meaning marriage ring

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