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Ryomen Sukuna’s name meaning in Japanese

Ryomen Sukuna written in kanji Jujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

Kanji and meaning of Sukuna’s name

The strongest and the most evil sorcerer, Ryomen Sukuna.

It’s a strange name but we can guess the meaning of it from kanji characters.

His name has a big contradiction. Let’s see together what it is!


Ryomen written in kanji

The first kanji reads RYO and means both or twin. The second one reads MEN and means face or side.

So the word RYOMEN can indicate both sides or two faces. Ryomen Sukuna in Japanese mythology is described as a demon who has two faces on both front and back.


The first kanji usually reads YADO or SHUKU and SUKU is an irregular reading. The character stands for an inn, to reside, a previous life, time-honored and experienced.

The second letter NA stands for a ritual for exorcizing demons.

Though Ryomen Sukuna is described as a cruel demon in a Japanese old history book, the word SUKUNA means to get rid of something evil. It’s contradictory, isn’t it?

As for it, there’s an interesting fact. In Hida area in Gifu prefecture, Ryomen Sukuna is enshrined as a god and respected by local people.

We can guess that he was a local hero who opposed the invasion by Yamato imperial court of the time and fought for protecting Hida area. The court won the battle and described him as a demon to justify their dominion.

Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen is a complete villain. But the meaning of his name isn’t evil, rather righteous.

If you got interested in the history and mythologies about him, check the link below!

Ryomen Sukuna in Japanese mythology. Who is he?

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