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What’s the Meaning of RYUGUJI in Japanese?

ryuguji ken written in japanese kanjiTokyo Revengers

Hi, Junko from Japan here! Draken’s real name is RYUGUJI KEN. It’s a cool name that stands for “dragon palace temple” in Japanese. In this post, I’ll explain the meaning of his full name based on the Kanji characters!

What Does RYUGUJI Mean?

ryuguji written in kanji letters

RYU = dragon
GU = shrine, palace
JI = temple

The last name RYUGUJI was named after the temple in Yamagata prefecture in the Meiji period of Japan. The Ryuguji temple still exists and here you can see some pictures.

According to the local tradition in Yamagata prefecture, a great monk Jikaku prayed here to save the people who had suffered from drought. Then two dragon kings appeared and made rain happen. Thanks to the rain, crops grew, and people were saved. The great monk Jikaku built a dragon place to show gratitude for the dragon kings, and it became the Ryuguji temple.

What Does KEN Mean?

ken written in japanese kanji

KEN = sturdy, solid, strong, robust

The first name KEN is one of the most common names for boys in Japan. But the meaning of the name varies depending on what Kanji character you choose for the KEN.

When it comes to Draken, his KEN represents something that is sturdy and isn’t affected by others. He is a reasonable and sincere guy, and I think this KEN symbol deserves his personality well!

What Does the name DRAKEN Mean?

Ryuguji Ken is called DRAKEN in Tokyo Revengers. This nickname comes from the first letter of his last name RYU and the first name KEN.


It seems he made this nickname by himself. In Tokyo Revengers anime episode 6, there’s a scene in which he said “I’m Draken, Ryuguji Ken from fourth elementary school.” Also, he already had his dragon tattoo on his head. He seems to love the dragon symbol in his name!

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