SAKURACO REVIEW: Tried a Japanese Traditional Snacks Subscription Box!
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SAKURACO REVIEW: Tried a Japanese Traditional Snacks Subscription Box!

a subscription box with japanese traditional snacks! review: sakuracoJapanese Life

Hi, it’s Junko!

I tried a Japanese snack subscription box by Tokyo Treat last month, and that was a great experience.

This month we got a chance to try their new box, Sakuraco! Here’s my honest review of it.

To make it short, Sakuraco also was an excellent box! It gives you a more sophisticated Japanese experience. I can recommend it to everyone interested in Japanese traditional culture.

Are you interested?

Then now, let’s open the box!

a sakuraco box with elegant cherry blossom design

This is a Sakuraco box we got. It’s clean and elegant.

When you open the box, a beautiful painting and a picture of Japan welcome you. Putting aside them, and you’ll see various snacks are filling up the box.

an opened sakuraco box with a beautiful japanese postcard and a booklet
various japanese snacks filled in a box

Girls, it’s your turn!

My younger daughter found a big rice cracker!

The older sister is so happy with the snacks she sees for the first time! The Sakuraco box includes many traditional snacks from a certain local area in Japan.

So most snacks are unknown even to me, and it was a fresh experience! Here are some more photos of them.

Japanese traditional sweets Wagashi!


Even green tea packs and a lovely Owan bowl! Sakuraco includes Japanese home goods for every box. It would be perfect for your Japanese collection!

Plus, what is great about Sakuraco is this booklet.

It tells us the local history and the story behind the development of each sweet. With its background, we could enjoy the snack more! We tasted not only the snack itself but the history and people’s hearts behind it together.


We read the booklet together and had a happy snack time 😊

If you want to experience Sakuraco, visit their official site and check the plan. You can read over 4,000 reviews from all over the world too!

Click here and visit the Sakuraco official HP

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