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What’s the Meaning of SASUKE in Japanese? It Comes from a Legendary Ninja!

uchiha sasuke written in japanese lettersNARUTO/BORUTO

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. SASUKE’s name in NARUTO comes from the legendary Ninja who showed up in the Japanese old novel. In this post, I’ll explain the meaning and the origin of the name UCHIHA SASUKE!

What Does SASUKE Mean?

The origin of name SASUKE is SARUTOBI SASUKE, a fictional character who served a Japanese Samurai lord, SANADA YUKIMURA. Sanada existed in the 1600s and is known as an excellent Samurai and strategist.

The novel of SARUTOBI SASUKE was published from 1911 to 1923. A cool Ninja who cast various Ninja techniques and complete the mission got very popular, and SAUKE became a hero among young boys. Since then, the name SASUKE became a common name for a Ninja character.

What Does UCHIHA Mean?

The Uchiha clan’s last name UCHIHA comes from the word UCHIWA, meaning a round paper fan in Japanese. The family crest of the Uchiha family symbolizes the fan that makes fire stronger. The Uchiha clan is proud of themselves as those who can control fire.

Therefore the member of the Uchiha clan is regarded as full-fledged Ninja when they became able to cast the Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu). Little Sasuke also trained himself to use this technique so that he would be admitted by his father Uchiha Fugaku.

How to Spell it in Japanese?

Here’s the Japanese writing for UCHIHA SASUKE.

uchiha sasuke written in japanese

UCHIHA is written in Higagana, and SASUKE is in Katakana letters. This writing style is typical for NARUTO characters. In reality, we don’t have any family names written in Hiragana. Last names in Katakana are possible but are not common.

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