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What’s the Meaning and Nuance of SEIJAKU in Japanese?

what's seijaku mean in japanese?Japanese Language Learning

Seijaku means silence, being quiet, and stillness in Japanese. Here’s the kanji writing for the word.


SEI = quiet, silent, still
JAKU = sad, lonely

Seijaku stands for the situation with no sounds. It’s so silent that you feel lonely.

The Kanji word can be read as SEISEKI and SHIJIMA. The meanings are the same. We seldom see Seiseki, but Shijima is sometimes used in literary works. The typical usage is Yoru no Shijima, meaning “the silence of the night.”

How about Seijaku? Do you use it often?


It’s a formal and sophisticated word. So we use it mainly in written language, not in spoken words.

If you want to say just the soundless situation, you can use SHIZUKA, the most common word for meaning silent and quiet. Seijaku sounds more emotional and emphasizes being alone and lonely.

Round Up of the Seijaku meaning

  • Means silent and quiet that make you feel lonely
  • Used in a written language, not in spoken language
  • Sounds more emotional and sophisticated than Sizuka

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