Name STEVEN in Japanese Katakana
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Name STEVEN in Japanese Katakana

your name n katakana, stevenYour Name in Katakana

I got a translation request from Steven in the United States!

Here’s your name in Japanese katakana.

I prepared 2 patterns for a certain reason. Both writings are right and choose your favorite one!



This is the one I faithfully wrote the pronunciation.

And I made one more pattern. Your name “Steven” is well known in Japan and we usually write it like this.

It reads “s tee vn”.

The pattern 1 is close to the real pronunciation and the pattern 2 is a general writing for Steven in Japan. Please choose and use your favorite one.

Thank you for your translation request, Steven!

I hope you like the katakana name 😀

Your Name in Katakana
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