Sugawara Koshi’s name meaning in Japanese
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Sugawara Koshi’s name meaning in Japanese

Sugawara Koshi written in kanjiHaikyuu!!

Kanji and meanings of Sugawara’s name

Sugawara senpai’s name seems really solid and down-to-earth. Both his family name and first name are normal and have good meanings. What are they? Let’s see it together!


Suga written in kanji

This kanji stands for a plant named Suge which grows in mountains. One of the most common used letter for Japanese family names and we don’t much care about its meaning.

You can see a lot of people who have SUGA in their family names in Japan. The current prime minister of Japan, Mr. Suga is one of them.


Wara written in kanji

This is also the very popular kanji character for family names. Means plain field or origin of something. When reads HARA or WARA, it means a field.


Ko written in kanji

This kanji represents to serve one’s own parents. The upper part of the character stands for an old person, and the lower one does a child. Frequently used for first names wishing a kid to be a kind and thoughtful person.


Shi written in kanji

This character means to support.

The name Koshi is associated with a person who is a judicious supporter. Do you think it is a perfect name for Sugawara senpai? He always observes his teammates and pays attention to keep the team positive. His name describes his personality really well!

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