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What Does the Name TAMAYO Mean in Demon Slayer?

what does lady tamayo's name mean in japanese?Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, Junko from Japan here! The name TAMAYO in Demon Slayer means “pearl” and “world” in Japanese Kanji letters. I’ll explain what each symbol stands for.

tamayo written in japanese kanji letter

TAMA = pearl, gem, something beautiful
YO = world, generation

TAMA: Kanji for Pearl

The TAMA Kanji originally means “pearl” and can be used for something round and beautiful such as a gem. As a result, sometimes used to praise something beautiful.

The left part depicts three gems bound with a string, and the right one stands for beautiful vermilion color. Since the shape and meaning are elegant, this Kanji letter is popular for girl names in Japan.

It’s a lovely character that deserves lady Tamayo well!

YO: Kanji for World

The YO letter is for “world” or “generation” in Japanese. It’s made from three “+” symbols. The + shape is a Kanji symbol for “ten.” The entire shape stands for “three decades,” and eventually became “a very long time flow.” Later, it got to mean the world itself that has existed for a long time.

Is TAMAYO a Last Name?

No. The name TAMAYO is clearly a first name in Japan. Lady Tamayo’s last name isn’t revealed in Demon Slayer’s episodes.

She has met Yoriichi, and that shows she lives as a demon for at least 400 years. She was once under Muzan’s control, and she might forget her last name. Or she might abandon it by herself. A last name isn’t necessary as long as she keeps her distance from human society.

For your information, Yushiro uses the surname YAMAMOTO. This is an anagram for TAMAYO, and you can find the letters for TA MA YO in YAMAMOTO.

I’m not sure if it’s an original family name of Yushiro or a new name he created. But it’s an interesting coincidence for him who admires lady Tamayo!

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