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Why Is TANJIRO’s HEAD So Hard? Unbelievable Headbutt!

why is tanjiro's head so hard?Kanji characters

Hi, Junko from Japan here! As you know, Tanjiro’s head is SO HARD. Why is his head so hard? According to the official Demon Slayer fan book issued in Japan, Tanjiro inherited his hard skull from his mother, KAMADO KIE.

Kie has a tale that she beat a wild boar away with her powerful headbutt. For your information, this is a wild boar.

photo: some wild boars are walking in a mountain
Wild boars walking in a mountain

Boar says INOSHISHI in Japanese, and I think it’s the origin of INOSUKE’s name. In Japan, boars dwell in mountain areas and sometimes destroy and harm farmlands. Actually, I’ve seen many holes boars dug in a field.

photo: a field harmed by wild boars
A field harmed by wildboars

Wild boars are fierce and often attack humans by rushing. Kie, Tanjiro and Nezuko’s mother, appears to be a gentle and modest woman, but she must be incredibly brave to face a wild boar with her head.

How Hard Is Tanjiro’s Head?

Here are the outcomes of Tanjiro’s headbutt. Wow, it’s powerful!

  • Made a demon dizzy before he started his training under Urokodaki-san
  • Caused Inosuke to pass out with a concussion
  • Made the Wind Hashira Shinazugawa Sanemi breed
  • Made Nezuko breed when she headbutted Tanjiro (Tanjiro’s head won) in the Mugen train
  • Caused Rengoku Shinjuro (Kyojuro’s daddy) to faint

Do you remember that Tanjiro was ordered to split a giant stone from Urokodaki-san to join the Final Selection to become a Demon Slayer swordsman? I wonder if he could have crushed the stone earlier if he used his deadly headbutt…

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