What’s Tanjiro’s name meaning in Japanese?
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What’s Tanjiro’s name meaning in Japanese?

Tanjiro in Japanese lettersDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kanji and meaning of Tanjiro’s name

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I’ll explain Tanjiro’s name in Demon Slayer. The kanji characters used in his first name represents his family background.

Let’s see what it is together!


Tan written in kanji

Tanjiro’s TAN means charcoal in Japanese.

It derives from the fact that Tanjiro’s family was earning a living by making wood charcoal.

To be honest, this kanji doesn’t give any cool impression for a name of the main character. But I think there’s a reason.

The author of Demon Slayer has a theory that “a normal person can’t get strong instantly”. So Tanjiro spent years to train himself in order to fight demons. He is not a natural born fighter or hero, but just a villager.

Actually, in a planning stage of the story, Tanjiro wasn’t a main character. But he was selected because he is normal. A normal kid gets involved in a tragedy and struggles to fight against his fate. That’s dramatic, isn’t it?


Ji written in kanji

This kanji means to govern, rule or treat. It’s commonly used for boy names. Gives decent and reasonable impressions.


Ro written in kanji

Means men and one of the most frequently used characters for boy names.

e.g.) Ichiro, Kojiro, Saburo, Kotaro…

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Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba
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