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Demon Slayer Tanjiro figure: Dance of the Fire God


Demon Slayer Kamado Tanjiro’s figure that performs the Hinokami Kagura (Dance of the Fire God). You can feel the full impact of the god fire!

Where can I get it?

Here’s the list of shops with international shipping!

Amazon US $99.99

CDJapan $81.46



eBay $136.55~

Which shop is the best for me?

If you have an Amazon US account, it would be an easy choice to buy the Tanjiro figure on Amazon. It’s shipped from Amazon and international shipping is available!

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If you want the cheapest price, CDJapan would be the best. They have 10 shipping methods and you can freely choose your favorite way and fee. They ship to over 200 countries!

Check more pictures and price

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