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Ten Shadows Technique in Japanese kanji letters

ten shadows technique written in japanese kanji lettersJujutsu Kaisen

The Ten Shadows Technique of Fushiguro Megumi says TOKUSA NO KAGE BOJUTSU in Japanese. Here’s how to write it in Japanese kanji letters.

tokusa no kage bojutsu written in kanji letters

Let me explain what each kanji character stands for!

The meaning of each kanji letter

TOKUSA = ten types

NO = of

KAGE = shadow

BO = rule, law, way

JUTSU = spell, skill, technique

The English translation “Ten Shadow Technique” is exactly the same meaning as the original word!

The origin of the technique

I guess the origin of the technique is TOKUSA NO KANDAKARA in Japanese mythology. Here are the kanji letters for it. Don’t you think they’re similar?

tokusa no kan dakara written in japanese kanji

TOKUSA = ten types

KAN = god, divine

DAKARA = treasure

As the kanji meaning shows, Tokusa no Kandakara is ten treasures given by the god.

  • 2 divine mirrors
  • 1 divine sword
  • 4 holy gems
  • 3 divine fabrics

A divine sword is named YATSUKA NO TSURUGI and one of the Fushiguro Megumi’s familiar equips it. Considering this fact, it’s obvious that the cursed technique of Fushiguro comes from this mythology. It’s easy to guess that other Fushiguro’s cursed technique and familiars are also related to it.

I suspect there’s a secret of Fushiguro Megumi’s true power in this divine treasures.

Read the post below and you’ll know the consideration about it!

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