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What’s the Meaning of TODOROKI SHOTO in Japanese? It Shows His Quirk!

Todoroki Shoto written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. The name of Todoroki Shoto in My Hero Academia means “big sound”, “burn something black”, and “freeze.” They reflect his quirk well. Let me explain more about the meaning of each Kanji symbol in Japanese!

What Does TODOROKI Mean?

Todoroki written in kanji

TODOROKI = thunderous sounds

You’ll find that the TODOROKI symbol consists of the same three parts. Each part stands for “vehicle” and the whole letter states that many vehicles are proceeding and making a roaring noise. It’s a Kanji symbol that gives very sturdy and powerful impressions!

The last name TODOROKI exists in Japan though it’s really rare and only 6500 people have it.

What Does SHOTO Mean?

shoto written in japanese kanji characters

SHO = burn something black with fire
TO = freeze

The Kanji letters SHO and TO have opposite meanings. The SHO stands for burning, and the TO is for freezing. It exactly describes his quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot.

The upper part of the SHO character stands for a bird and the bottom one does fire.

Does it picture roast chicken over the fire…?


True. But it’s only as for the origin, and the Kanji itself doesn’t have the meaning of chicken!

The SHO is also used to express a feeling of longing for something very strongly as if the flame of passion burned one’s heart out.

The TO character simply means “freeze.” The left part with two dots stands for frozen water, and the right one pictures a bag with both ends tied. This part alone can mean “east direction” and states something goes toward the east. The whole Kanji symbol portrays water freezing in a wide range.

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