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Todoroki Shoto’s name meaning in Japanese

Todoroki Shoto written in kanji My Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of BHNA Todoroki’s name

A cool hero Todoroki Shoto. Kanji letters in his name express his ability well. Let’s see what it is!


Todoroki written in kanji

TODOROKI means thunderous sounds.

Can you see this kanji is consisted of three same parts? Each part stands for a vehicle and the whole character represents that many vehicles are proceeding and make a groaning noise.

The family name Todoroki is rare, but it really exists and there are approximately 6500 people with this name in Japan.


Sho written in kanji

This kanji means to burn something black with fire.

The upper part of the character stands for a bird and the bottom one does fire. Yes, this kanji pictures to roast chicken over the fire.

It’s also used to express a feeling of longing for something very strongly, as if the flame of passion burned one’s heart out.


To written in kanji

This is a kanji character that means to freeze.

Shoto’s name exactly shows his quirk, Hanrei Hannen (Half-cold Half-hot). The family name Todoroki gives strong impression and I think his name is very heroic.

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