Toga Himiko’s name meaning in Japanese
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Toga Himiko’s name meaning in Japanese

Toga Himiko written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of Toga’s name

A dark heroine, Toga Himiko! Her name was written in katakana first, but later how to write it in kanji letters was revealed.

It seems they show both her quirk and dreadful background. What’s hidden in her name? Let’s see it together!


Toga written in kanji

The first letter means to pass something or to get across. The second one means myself.

The whole word TOGA can be interpreted “pass myself (to someone)”. Toga Himiko says that she wants to become completely the same as someone she loves. In a way, she throws herself away to be her beloved one. “Passing herself” name may express this twisted way of her loving someone.

The family name Toga exists in reality, but it doesn’t use the same kanji as her name.

For your information, the sound TOGA can mean a sin in Japanese. It may imply the fact that she’s a criminal and in a dark side.


Himiko written in kanji

The first kanji HI means “to suffer” or “to wear or pull something over one’s head”. This character contains negative nuance and we usually don’t use it for a person’s name.

The second one MI means body or oneself.

And the third one KO means a kid and it’s a suffix letter for girl names.

If we understand them literally, it means “wear oneself”. I think it seems there are two meanings in it.

One is simply her quirk, Transform. To wear someone’s body.

The other is related to her past. She has suppressed her real emotion and herself and been wearing a mask of a normal person until the murder case she committed when she was in junior high. In this case, her name can be interpreted as “wear myself”.

The first name HIMIKO is an ancient queen’s name of Japan. It’s said she was the first king in Japan. Details about her are still wrapped in a mystery, but we all learn about her name in our history class.

Himiko was a shaman and therefore she frequently appears as a mystic character with some mysterious powers in manga and anime.

Since HI letter in her name uses kanji with bad meaning, we don’t name a person Himiko. It only shows up in creative works.

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