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TOKYO TREAT REVIEW: Tried a Japanese Snacks Subscription Box!

tried a japanese snacks subscription box! review : tokyo treatJapanese Life & Travel

Hi, it’s Junko!

This month I’ve tried a Tokyo Treat’s Japanese snacks subscription box with my daughters.

I live in Japan, and it’s common for me to have Japanese snacks. So I didn’t expect too much from the box. It would be an assortment of some usual snacks. I thought like that.


The box we received was beyond my expectation 😲

I’ll show you what it brought us!


Our first Tokyo Treat box has finally arrived! It’s a sturdy, clean, and cute orange box. My five-year-old and two-year-old can’t hold back smiling.

Now, let’s open it! TA-DA!

Snacks flooded out from the box! I was surprised to see such a lot of snacks were packaged. My girls shouted with joy and excitement.

Mommy! It’s AMAZIIIING!!😆

A Jack-o’-Lantern package caught girls’ eyes. It’s Tongari Corn that has been existed since when I was a child. I’m familiar with it, but this one is the Halloween-limited design and flavor I’ve never seen!

When it comes to Tongari Corn, it was a snack my mom gave me decades ago. Now I’m giving it to my own daughters. It’s strange and feels kind of nostalgic.

They put snacks on their fingers and make them look like the sharp nails of witches. Tongari Corn is perfect for a Halloween snack! The girls enjoyed their snack time with the Halloween costumes 🎃

What I think is GREAT about the Tokyo Treat box are these three points.

  • Great packaging
  • Great snack selection
  • Great portion


The box is clean and cute. The inside is full of snacks that are packed nicely and tightly. It’s like I’m seeing Tetris! That’s good there’re no useless trashes.

Snack selection

I was surprised to see a large variety of snacks. From Japanese cheap candies to seasonal limited editions, only watching them made us happy!

I live in Japan and often go to supermarkets and convenience stores. But still, we could enjoy the lineup and meet rare snacks.


Every portion of the snacks is not too much or too little. They’re all just the right size. So we could try a few different ones. That was fun!

The Tokyo Treat box brought us happy time and kids’ smile 😊

If you’re interested in a subscription, please visit their official site. Other than getting it by yourself, you can send it as a gift to someone. The snack inside the box changes every month, and you won’t be disappointed!

Tokyo Treat official site is here!

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