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What’s the Meaning of TOMIOKA GIYU in Japanese?

Tomioka Giyu written in kanjiDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. I think TOMIOKA GIYU’s name in Demon Slayer comes from a Japanese shrine and a famous sentence from The Confucian Analects in ancient China. Let me explain the meaning of each Kanji symbol in Giyu’s name and its origins!

What Does TOMIOKA Mean?

tomioka written in kanji

TOMI = wealth, prosperity, rich
OKA =hill

I guess the word TOMOIKA derives from TOMIOKA HACHIMANGU in Yokohama city, a Japanese Shinto shrine built in 1191 to seal demons and protect the place.

GI represents “the right way as a human being”, a stance of acting reasonably with no personal greed. The YU symbol is for “brave” and “courage.”

The last name TOMIOKA is common in Japan. Among the Demon Slayer characters who have strange names, it sounds very normal.

What Does GIYU Mean?

giyu written in kanji

GI = right way
YU = brave, courage

I think Giyu’s name comes from an old phrase in The Confucian Analects in China: GI WO MITE SEZARU HA YU NAKI NARI. You’ll find there are both Gi and YU in a sentence. It means “You are a coward if you knew what’s the right thing to do but wouldn’t” and teaches you should help someone who’s in trouble. Giyu’s way of life as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps exactly deserves the teaching!

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