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Tomioka Giyu’s name meaning in Japanese

Tomioka Giyu written in kanji Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba


Tomi written in kanji

TOMI means wealth and rich. This kanji is commonly used for Japanese family names and you will see other names including TOMI, like Tomita, Tomiya and Tominaga.


Oka written in kanji

OKA means a hill. This is also a common character for Japanese family names. The name Tomioka is very normal one for a Demon Slayer’s character as most of main characters have eccentric and rare names.


Gi written in kanji

This character represents the right way as a person, a stance of acting reasonably with no personal greed.


Yu written in kanji

YU means brave and courage.

Both of kanji characters in Giyu’s name have serious and upstanding meanings. I think it’s an eligible name for a member of the Kisatutai (the demon slayer corps) ⚔

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