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How to Say Total Concentration Breathing in Japanese?

total concentration breathing written in japaneseDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

What’s the original Japanese word for Total Concentration Breathing?


It’s ZENSHUCHU NO KOKYU! The word became greatly popular in Japan and everyone shouts “ZENSHUCHU!” when they want to focus on something.

Total Concentration Breathing says ZENSHUCHU NO KOKYU in Japanese.


zenshuchu no kokyu written in japanese

ZEN = all

SHUCHU = concentration

NO = of

KOKYU = breathing

Tanjiro says “Zenshuchu! (concentration!)” just before he uses his breathing technique.

The word Zenshuchu became a craze in Japan and everyone got to use it when focusing on doing something. And this is a very effective word for kids to make them calm down.

Total Concentration: Constant

Jochu written in kanji

Total Concentration: Constant is a breathing technique that maintains concentration status continuously, even while sleeping.

This technique says JOCHU in Japanese.

JO = always

CHU = middle

There’s no word such as Jochu in Japnese and it’s a coined one. We can easily guess that this CHU doesn’t mean middle, but comes from SHUCHU’s CHU and it means “concentrate all the time”.

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