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Tsukishima Kei’s name meaning in Japanese

Tsukishima Kei written in kanjiHaikyuu!!

Kanji and meanings of Tsukishima’s name

Tsukki’s name is very poetic and elegant. It’s not flashy, but has the beauty like the light in the dark. Why? Let’s see each kanji letter together!


Tsuki written in kanji

TSUKI is the moon. This kanji gives calm and mysterious impressions and I think it matches Tsukishima’s cool and modest character 🌛


Shima written in kanji

It reads SHIMA or JIMA and means an island. This is one of the most common kanji letter used for Japanese family name.

Ushijima Wakatoshi at Shiratorizawa high school, Nakashima Takeru and Matsushima Tsuyoshi at Wakutani Minami high school also have this kanji for their family names.


This character stands for a firefly. I’m not sure if there’re fireflies outside Japan, but firefly flashing in summer night is beautiful and I really love it 😊

photo: a firefly with flashing light

So Tsukishima Kei’s name pictures the moonlit night with dancing faint light of fireflies. I think it’s a fantastic and somehow mysterious name.


Tukishima’s birthday is September 27. It might come from the moon festival. This is one of the annual events in Japan. At the moon festival, we enjoy the moon and have rice dumplings.

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