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Jujutsu Kaisen TSUKUMO YUKI’s Name Meaning In Japanese

tsukumo yuki written in japanese kanji lettersJujutsu Kaisen


Hey! The name TSUKUMO YUKI has some meanings in Japanese?


TSUKUMO means the number 99 and YUKI is a very popular first name for girls in Japan. Let me explain the details!


tsukumo written in japanese kanji letters, meaning 99

We usually read this kanji word KYUU JUU KYUU and that means ninety-nine.

TSUKUMO is an irregular reading and it’s used for a family name and names of places.

We call 100 MOMO in the old Japanese language and the word TSUKUMO comes from TSUGI MOMO.


TSUGI is “next” in Japanese and TSUGI MOMO makes “next to hundred”. It was shortened and became TSUKUMO.

The names in Jujutsu Kaisen sometimes hide secrets and intentions behind them. Tsukumo is 99. Then it’s natural to wonder who is 100? Maybe it’s Tengen and Tsukumo Yuki is an existence that is next to it?

To think this kind of thing is a part of enjoying Jujutsu Kaisen!

YU – based on something

yu written in japanese kanji symbol

YU is a very common kanji letter for Japanese first names and has the meanings of “reason” or “based on something”.

This kanji is used for the word JIYU, meaning “freedom” in Japanese. Tsukumo Yuki acts on her own without any restriction and the letter matches well.

KI – basis, reason

ki written in japanese kanji symbol

KI stands for “a base for something” and it’s very similar to the YU kanji.

The top part of the character stands for “something square” and the bottom part does “soil”. The whole symbol pictures “a base for a building”.

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