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How to Say Domain Expansion INFINITE VOID in Japanese?

kanji letters that mean unlimited voidJujutsu Kaisen

What does Gojo Satoru say in Japanese when using Infinite Void? It’s Muryo Kusho. If I translate it literally, it means “a place with nothing” or “void space.” In this post, I’ll explain what each Kanji character means and what is Infinite Void.

How to Write Infinite Void in Japanese

Here are the Kanji symbols for MURYO KUSHO.

muryokusho written in kanji

MU = nothing
RYO = amount, quantity
KU = empty, sky
SHO = place, to put oneself in a certain place

The whole phrase can be interpreted as “a place with nothing” or “void space.” The infinite void comes from a Buddhism word that represents a process of enlightenment in which you are freed from any physical feelings or restrictions and realize all the reason in the world and reach the eternal truth.

think the English edition “Infinite Void” or “Unlimited Void” are free translations. If I literally translate Infinite Void in Japanese, it would be MUGEN KUKYO or something.

What Does Infinite Void Do?

Gojo’s Domain Expansion forces the opponent to receive endless perceptions and transmission of massive information.

I’ll give you an example for easy understanding. Do you know the Japanese word chain game called SHIRITORI? When someone says a word, you need to say the next word that starts from the last letter of the previous word. For example, if the first word was APPLE, you’ll think up the word starting from E such as EGG or something.

In normal conditions, information flows in order like in the Shiritori game. But once you’re under the Infinite Void domain, the first information A is repeated endlessly and never ends.

normal condition apple->egg->gorilla in unlimited void aaaaaaaaaaaa...never ends!

The one who got the never-ending information can’t beat the load. It’s like your brain got buggy. As a result, those who get into the Infinite Void end up being crocked. The Domain Expansion of Gojo Satoru doesn’t destroy one’s body physically, but completely crushes one’s mind.

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