Uraraka Ochaco’s name meaning in Japanese
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Uraraka Ochaco’s name meaning in Japanese

Uraraka Ochaco written in kanji and japaneseMy Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of Ochaco’s name

Ochaco’s name seemingly has no association with her quirk. But to tell the truth, it’s carefully hidden in her name and the author of My Hero Academia says about her name “my best work”!

What’s behind her name? Let’s find it together!


Uraraka written in kanji

URARAKA is an irregular reading for this combination of kanji and means the pleasant spring weather.

The first kanji has the meaning of bright beauty and it’s used for girl names. The second one means day or the sun.

But what is important is the second letter has another reading of BI. Keep it in your mind!

The family name Uraraka doesn’t exist in reality. This is one of classical words and you can see it in Japanese waka poems and classic literature as the seasonal word that stands for spring.


O Cha Co written in japanese and kanji

O is not kanji but hiragana. It’s a prefix and if you add O to any words, it becomes polite.

CHA means tea.

Remind what I told you about her family name here.


That makes her hero name, Uravity!

For your information, when we hear the word “tea”, we think up hot green tea first.

picture: a cup of japanese hot green tea

Green tea is drink preferred by older people. Therefore in manga and anime, a scene in which an old couple is enjoying chatting over green tea in the sun spot is sometimes described. So the combination of the word URARAKA (sunny) and CHA (green tea) gives a leisurely impression.

Last kanji CO means a child. This kanji is used as a suffix for girl names. If you add CO to something, it sounds like a girl’s name.

The word OCHA is not used for people’s names. Ochaco’s name is manga-ish and sounds cute and comical.

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What does uraraka ochaco mean in japanese? the meaning explained!

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